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    "Life is Good"
    I am an extremely positive person. I always look at the good side of things. Every day there are so many things that happen to us that are out of our control. One of the things that IS  in our control, is our attitude. I thrive on projecting positive energy and believe that it is contagious.​      
    Rick Henry 
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    Determination -  Strength - Respect - Teamwork - Courage


    Adults Program

    In the adults program,  You will learn the self-defense martial art focusing on standing as well as ground techniques. You will learn grappling, striking, throwing, joint locks and chokes in order to control a situation or an opponent. As you are being taught various techniques, you will be shown how it relates to situations in real life. 

    Kids Program

    As a parent, we want our kids to be happy and healthy. When we are with them, we can protect them. When we're not with them we need to prepare them for any and all situations. We are well aware that bullying in and outside of schools is very mainstream. RH Studios instructs kids how to deal with this and other situations in a non-violent manner. We use fun and games while teaching self-defense to connect with the kids so they learn easier. Everything is done in an extremely safe atmosphere.

    They will learn     1. Self defense skills  
                                    2. Self respect 
                                    3. Self confidence
                                    4. Health and fitness
                                    5. Teamwork

    Call Now to Schedule a Class!!  215-768-3245

    Open 7 Days a Week 

    Monday Tuesday and Thursday is Gi class  
    Kids are at 6:00  Adults are at 7:00
    Wednesday and Friday are no Gi classes 
    Kids are at 6:00  Adults are at 7:00
    Saturday is Gi class
    Kids are at 11:00  Adults are at noon
    Sunday is open mat at noon  

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